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Log trailers ITEC

ITEC log trailers are specifically developed for timber transportation in Africa.

Log trailers are made of one truck equipment equipped with one rotating adjustable bunk. This bunk can be different according user requirements and local regulation regarding the width. Harnessed to this truck equipment, the log trailers is connected by a draw bar pipe adjustable according the length of the log.

ITEC log trailers are developed for timber of big diameter and high density as the one found in tropical forest in Africa, Asia and South America.

Robust, those log trailers can be equipped with truck cabin cages in order to protect the driver cabin in case of overturns. They are also equipped with cabin protection behind the cabin to protect from log sliding forward into the cabin driver.

Armoured in different places, ITEC log trailers are designed to sustained extreme working conditions.

ITEC log trailers can be adapted to each customer regarding their requirements and constraints. Different kinds of bunks can be used: Gabon bunks, Cameroun bunks, Malaysian bunks, North Congo bunks…

Gabon’s bunks have one static stake of two meters on one side and one mobile stake on the other side. The mobile bunk allow to adjust according the diameter of the logs.  Both bunks are on turntable. They are usually 3,1 meters wide and can be up to 3,5 meters wide on private roads. Logs are secured with cables and lashings.

Malaysian’s bunks, also called North Congo bunks have two static stakes and usually are on one or two turntables depending bunk configuration and dimensions. They are usually 3,1 meters wide. Logs are secured with cables and lashings.

Cameroun’s bunks have no stakes but instead two adjustable wedges. Bunk’s width is usually 2,5 meters. Logs are secured with lashings.

With 35 year’s experience in designing and manufacturing log trailers, ITEC will help you to define your needs through our expertise.


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